Art Director and Illustrator
based in London

Heathlands School report 1987.

Heathlands School report 1987.



I'm an Art Director and Illustrator with 15 years experience.

I graduated from Kingston University and have since furthered my design education by taking short courses at General Assembly in coding and UX.

During those 15 years I've witnessed the transition from Quark to Indesign, the panic that ensued followed by relief. I've been advised to learn Flash, only for the web to render that skill set redundant. IPads came along, magazines and books were supposed to die out with the 'end of print' and yet they didn't, they thrived. The web quickly morphed into the beast that it is today and alongside our obsession with smartphones eventually developed into the Internet of things. 

Despite the complexity of those transitions and the industry upheaval, its nice to remind yourself that Milton Glaser drew one of the worlds most recognised and successful logos in the back of a yellow taxi on an envelope with a red crayon.

What I've learnt in that time is the industry is fast paced and always evolving, however a strong idea and an adherence to craft is still as relevant as it ever was. As is a methodical approach/working process where problems are clearly articulated, researched, strong ideas developed and crafted right through to the deliverables, no matter what form that takes.

If any of this thinking resonates with you and you like the look of the work presented, I would love to hear from you.





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